Microsoft: Xbox One GPU Performance Will be Boosted by 10 Percent Without Kinect

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

It was being speculated that the Xbox One has a better GPU power without the Kinect, this has now been confirmed by Microsoft. When the console releases in June without the Kinect, it will get the GPU boosted by 10 percent.

A confirmation to this effect was provided to Eurogamer by a Microsoft spokesperson recently when they were asked about it:

Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 percent additional GPU performance. We’re committed to giving developers new tools and flexibility to make their Xbox One games even better by giving them the option to use the GPU reserve in whatever way is best for them and their games.

We do know that Phil Spencer has promised improved GPU in Xbox One recently, but we didn’t know as to what way that additional GPU bandwidth will be made available. Neither did Spencer say that their plans could be based on the inclusion or exclusion of Kinect.

However, this official statement makes it clear that they really were referring to the console being Kinect free with Spencer talked about additional GPU.

Moreover, we can understand that this additional room in the GPU has always been there in the console and with the Kinect-less Xbox One, it will be accessible. However, the company is bent on architectural changes in the console as well so that the processing power can be increased.

Another improvement that came in recently was the ability to use external storage for your games, thanks to the June update.

Are you going to get the upcoming Xbox one without Kinect?

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