Watch Dogs Modders Want E3 2012 Visuals, Ultra Quality Settings Discovered

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

We all wanted to see Watch Dogs play out in the same way as it was introduced to us at the E3 2012. On the contrary, it is nothing like that when it comes to the visuals.

Although that is pretty much a downer, all is not lost. The modding community of Watch Dogs is really putting efforts into getting the best out of it. They have claimed to uncovered certain Ultra Quality settings now.

According a member of Guru3D who goes by the name kadzait24 has claimed to have tweaked the game’s XML file. He says that there is a lot of interesting stuff to be shared and that his Watch Dogs now runs at Ultra Quality settings after the XML has been updated. The effects that these Ultra Quality settings have on the game are as follows:

  • Better Physics
  • Bloom
  • Improved HDR
  • Better Textures and mapping
  • Better Rain and splashes quantity
  • Improved Reflections in the water and for the cars
  • Better Water, Vegetation and Geometry quality
  • Improved LOD and FOV
  • Better colors everywhere
  • Better Shadows
  • Better SSAO Quality
  • Improved Lighting for the entire game

Check out the before/after screenshots here and download the mod from here.

Obviously, they cannot adjust the game to make it look identical to the E3 2012 demo because some graphical effects will still be missing like the ones relating to smoke and debris. This is nonetheless, an improvement.

Other than this, multiple SweetFX mods have been made at the hands of at least three modders which you can visit here.

Do you think the Watch Dogs modding attempts will be able to make the experience same as the one we expected in the first place?

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