Son of Nor Studio Signs Two Publishers For Distribution

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

Independent developer stillalive studios announced that they have signed a deal with both publishers Viva Media and bitComposer Games to distribute their game, Son of Nor. It’s an action-adventure game based on magical powers and physics-related mechanisms.

Viva Media stems from the North American region, while bitComposer Games hails from Germany. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that they’ll both be in charge of getting the game on shelves in their respective territories.

In an announcement post, the developer mentioned that this publisher deal means nothing but advantages for the community in fear of indie creativity breaches. Some of the direct enhancements that Son of Nor will be able to receive are listed as voice overs, more areas, player customization, spell variation and a quality assurance team to provide a more polished product.

Moreover, stillalive studios wants to reassure its community that the publishers aren’t hounding them in any way. Further in the post, they mention:

Don’t worry, Viva Media and bitComposer get it and know how important our independence is to us and our community. We’re not giving up our indie status, neither have we given away our intellectual property. We get a lot of help with the very demanding and complex task of distribution and marketing.

Son of Nor uses magical traits, such as Telekinesis and Terraforming, to mess around with the environments in its game. It’s possible to destroy mountains and use the blocks to throw at enemies or raise sand levels to get to higher platforms and so on.

Back in May of 2013, Son of Nor was able to successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign in the nick of time. It reached just over its goal of $150,000.

As a slightly odd title, Son of Nor will fit perfectly in the stable of both publishers, known to take on the lesser popular genres of games. Their list of titles includes Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, Adventure Park, Legends of Aethereus and Crazy Machines.

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