Sniper Elite 3: New Trailer Shows Multiplayer and Co-Op

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

Opposed to the last trailer which focused on the game’s single-player campaign, the latest trailer for Sniper Elite 3 features the multiplayer mode.

Rebellion has patched up the new video to highlight the competitive and co-op aspects of the game. Running just over the two minute mark, Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer banks on the same elements we’ve come to respect in previous Sniper Elite titles, yet is now elevated to new heights.

The trailer gives us a good look at the new environment, as well as some of the multiplayer modes. There are also ‘distance king challenges’ and dedicated co-op modes such as ‘overwatch’ and ‘survival’. The whole campaign can be played in 2-player co-op too.

Sniper Elite 3 is available for pre-order now and will officially release for the PC on June 27. Pre-ordering now will net you the ‘Hunt the Grey Wolf’ DLC for free.

Sniper Elite v2 was made available for free yesterday on Steam but only for 24 hours. The offer has since then expired and according to Rebellion has been downloaded 2.2 million times. I never had the opportunity to indulge myself in this franchise but did so last night. I have to say that Sniper Elite 3 is now on my radar and has all of my attention.

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