Save and Replay Guild Wars 2 Content With Living World Journal

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

Guild Wars 2 developer, ArenaNet has announced a novel feature which will come alongside Guild Wars 2 Season 2.

Starting from Jul. 1, the game will welcome Living World Journal: a long awaited feature which is designed to allow players ‘save’ and ‘revisit’ each new episode of Living World; a functionality which strikingly resembles DVR replayability.

Living World Journal will enable players keep up with hefty Living World updates by banking the content of their choice to play it at another time.

The Living World content will be accessible to every player regardless of their in-game level. In order to bank new content, players must log into game during the two weeks’ period (during which a particular release is live). And even if they miss those two weeks’ duration, they will still be able access that content by spending some in-game currency.

Speaking about Living World Journal, game director Colin Johansson stated:

With this addition to the story Journal, content from Living World episodes will be a mix of new story steps and open world content. Story steps will work just like existing story steps in the game today by taking you on a journey specific to your selected episode, which ties into a broader narrative from the season’s continual story progress. Open world content additions to Living World updates will permanently expand or change the world of Tyria and will tie to the theme and story of the episode.

ArenaNet has written quite a lengthy blogpost on Guild Wars 2 weblog detailing how Living World Journal works along with different rewards and achievements. Head over there for more information!

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