Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Be Making An Appearance At E3

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

EA went quiet on Mirror’s Edge 2 after announcing it at E3 last year, but a new schedule posted by GameTrailer indicates that after a whole year, we will finally get our first look at the game at upcoming E3 conference.

EA did promise to showcase a number of new titles at the event, and many fans (including me) were among those who were hoping to see Mirror’s Edge 2 in action at the event as well.

Few rumors claim that Mirror’s Edge 2 will focus on the origin story of main character “Faith” with a focus on how she ends up becoming such a skillful runner. The story of first game was interesting as well, but it didn’t provide much of a background on Faith.

There are a lot of expectations from Mirror’s Edge 2 and the studio will have to step up its games in order to make new experience worthwhile for the fans.

Original Mirror’s Edge was released back in 2008, and it brought a fast-paced gameplay to the table, which was loved by many people but the game didn’t get the attention that it deserved.

There was freedom when it came to 3D environments of the game as you could slide under/over barriers, run on the walls and jump across the roofs, which kept gameplay interesting and dynamic for the players.

The game got fairly good reception on its release and gained positive scores from some big publications. However, there were some reviewers, who weren’t really impressed, but gave the game a benefit of the doubt as it was a brand-new IP.

E3 just can’t come soon enough!

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