Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics Follows Facebook Success With Free XCOM-Like Game

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

Comic brand Marvel and Disney have launched another game on Facebook, namely Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics. It acts like an XCOM-like release, with teams of different heroes fighting in tactical battles in a 3D environment.

As a commander, you’ll recruit one of over 20 heroes, but also villains, to take on different missions in turn-based style. You’ll also be able to upgrade your headquarters, gain new weapons and so on.

It looks like quite the refined release, certainly as it just runs in your browser. With an isometric perspective, you can see a pretty populated battle take place with fairly detailed character models.

Aside from regular missions involving no interaction whatsoever, Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics ties its social aspect to asynchronous multiplayer battles. It works like basically every other Facebook game on that idea.

For those wondering about the content of the game, AJ Glasser of Facebook Games commented on the female heroes for Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics as follows:

The main character roster for starting characters in this game is about 30 percent female heroes and even the “faceless” bad guys come in both male and female body models. This is pretty rare for what is typically a ‘hardcore’ male-dominated genre.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics is the follow-up to the highly popular Facebook title Marvel: Avengers Alliance, only with tactics, you see. Anyway, its predecessor managed to get up to 70 million signups, according to a recent post by Marvel.

In general, Marvel is a pretty active player in the casual genre. They also have Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign on Steam, which is a deadline killer or so we’ve heard. It’s nearly constantly updated with more content as well and its free-to-play design is solid, so expect the same for Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics.

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