Free-to-Play Football Manager United Eleven Is Out Now

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

After a pre-season event last month, publisher Nexon has launched United Eleven as their own free-to-play football manager simulation. Fans of recent FIFA games may spot some known game designs in this multiplayer browser title.

One of the main mechanisms in United Eleven is that it uses player cards to create a lineup of 11 players, along with 7 substitutes. Additionally, athletes on the field can be affected by a bonding chemistry, according to their similar traits.

Both of these elements are seen in the massively popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode in recent EA Sports releases. As FUT has shown itself to be a big boost in community activity for EA, it’s only logical that someone else would try to ride its coattails.

Further mechanisms in United Eleven include applying game modifiers, such as condition enhancers or player skills. Some team mates can also be strengthened by feeding them weaker people as fodder, though this also consumes the player card.

Matches can be viewed in real-time and during games it’s possible to adjust tactics, perform substitutions or alter formations. As managers progress, they’ll be promoted to bigger leagues, where squads with higher levels can face off against each other.

With higher level athletes, United Eleven also offers a top tier in the form of golden cards. These players have stats that are above and beyond that of their regular peers.

United Eleven is free-to-play and acquiring new cards is done with the free currency of the game. There is, however, a monetization option that can give paying customers a small edge.

Paid forms of items include bigger condition boosters, instant cash chances and a variety of easily acquired facilitators for when players are suspended and such.

There is no transfer market in United Eleven, so the “power player” builds are kept to a minimum, as everyone’s squad is tied to a luck of the draw. That does, however, favor some lucky cats who get a lot more golden players than others, but it’s a rare occurrence, not a general rule.

If you don’t feel like keeping a browser tab open for it, United Eleven is also available on you mobile device for iOS and Android.

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