Ex CCP Employees Explain Why World Of Darkness Was Cancelled

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

An in depth investigation carried out by The Guardian reveals some information as to why CCP Games’ World of Darkness never saw the light of the day and was cancelled in April 2014, after about 5 years of development.

According to the many ex CCP employees interview by Guardian some of whom chose to stay anonymous, one of the major reasons for the project cancellation was mismanagement at the higher levels of the company.

The game even went as far as Alpha 3 times in its development, each time getting scrapped and the team had to start over. According to many developers, CCP management just didn’t know what it wanted from World of Darkness.

According to one developer “the teams would build a feature, then be told by management to make ‘small changes’ which necessitated a full, back-to-square-one rewrite.”

Another major reason was the constant poaching of WoD staff to help those working at EVE Online. Many developers would be taken away from WoD for 3 to 6 month cycles in order to make sure EVE Online Expansions were released on time.

This is just one example of the focus CCP puts on EVE Online while ignoring other titles. EVE Online has received 20 expansions since its release in 2003 and many more are planned.

Most of the sources named the same CCP manager as one of the key problems in the upper management, someone who couldn’t convey properly what exactly was required from the developers.

It doesn’t improve the situation when a company puts all the blame on its developers when something goes wrong with a project and forces them to work extra and that is exactly what CCP used to do.

If World of Darkness hadn’t been cancelled, it would have been set along the lines of Vampire: The Masquerade and focused on player politics and social interaction. The game was being developed with combined efforts from CCP and White Wolf Publishing, which CCP had merged with in 2006.

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