Dead Rising 3 Coming to PC? Spotted in Steam Database

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

Well, it looks like Phil Spencer really meant business when he said that they will be making more games available for the PC platform. One such example could be Dead Rising 3 PC version. Surprised? So are we.

What made this tick is a listing that appeared on SteamDB (Steam Database) for the game. It was listed under the name ‘Walking’ for unknown reasons but there was a Dead Rising 3 poster and the game’s name was written in the ‘SteamDB Comment’ section.

The listing was altered after the news went viral but not before screenshots were taken all over the place. Check it out below.

dead rising 3 steamdb

Now, if you visit the listing, it reads ‘SteamDB Unknown App 265550’ and all the logos of the game have been removed. The page now reads:

“This app has been deleted or is hidden to the public. There is extremely limited to no information about this app. We don’t even have a name, hence why we are displaying SteamDB Unknown App ‘AppID.’”

Development of the game was said to have been originally started for high end PCs but later it was confirmed that there will be no Dead Rising 3 PC version. It was reiterated by Capcom in last year August that the game will always stay an Xbox One exclusive and so it will never come to PC.

Throughout the life of the series, only Dead Rising 2 and its reimagined version known as Off the record have been ported to PC.

Both Microsoft and Capcom have said that they ‘have nothing to announce’ or that ‘no announcement has been made,’ respectively.

Will you be excited about Dead Rising 3 PC version if it really comes out?

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