Dark Souls 2 Might Be Getting A Fix For Binoboost And Parrywalking

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

If the vague Google translation of Japanese Dark Souls II site and this reddit post are to be believed, the game might be getting a patch to fix the Binocular speed boost and Parrywalking (walk on air) glitch soon.

While there is no official release date set for the update, patch 1.03 (1.05 for consoles) will be bringing with it other fixes as well and not just these two, but they might be the main highlights.

The speed boost, commonly known as Binoboost allows players to equip binoculars and move towards a certain point and automatically gain super speed. While most of the glitchers have been using it just for speed runs, there are some who have been exploiting PvP games with this.

Seems like folks over at FromSoftware have had quite busy few days.

The game received a calibration patch earlier this week and today the ‘Lost Crown’ DLC trilogy was announced for the game.

While it is nice to see a company working to fix issues in a game for which the players paid a hefty sum *cough*ubisoft*cough*, it probably won’t take the hacking community very long to come up with another way to exploit the game.

Have you encountered any other annoying glitch, which takes away the fun from this hardcore RPG and should be fixed soon? Share in the comments below!

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