Amazon France Leaks PS4 And PS Vita Bundle Release Date

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

Amazon France has added a listing for the much awaited PlayStation 4 + PS Vita Bundle. The bundle, titled Ultimate Player Edition is priced at 579.99 euros.

It’s funny seeing that if purchased separately, the total price of PS4 and PS Vita is the same as the bundle price. So basically it seems the only benefit of purchasing the bundle is to get both consoles inside the same box.

Sony had already previously announced that a bundle will made available soon for those wishing to purchase them together but hadn’t specified a release date for it. They had also stated that the bundle is expected to be under £500.

The Amazon listing puts the release date of the bundle on July 4, 2014.

While the previously announced bundle of the consoles was a ‘soft bundle’ which meant the retailers would be selling both devices together but in separate packaging depending on availability. This new listing seems to bundle both devices together.

There is no official word from Sony regarding this specific listing or the pricing and availability in other regions. It is highly possible that if July is the launch date of the bundle, Sony might end up making the announcement at the upcoming E3 2014.

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