51 Unbelievable DriveClub Facts Will Make You Wonder

By   /   Jun 5, 2014

An article was posted earlier today on the PlayStation Blog that sings songs of praise for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub.

A total of 51 facts were shared regarding Evolution Studios’ title and are they impressive. Dubbed as “unbelievable facts,” you’ll just have to convince yourself that they in fact are.

Out of the entire batch here are some that caught my eye.

Every cloud in the sky has its own 3D model, meaning that the s’s rays will diffuse realistically through each cloud based upon its density. Now knowing that also know that the skies are generated uniquely before every playthrough.

NASA data was used to map the game’s star patterns, meaning that the night sky will be completely accurate at all times. You can sit down and draw upon the constellations if you want.

Each area has a 200 kilometer draw distance; the landscape takes into effect the curvature of the Earth. As for the tracks, certain ones have over 1.2 million individual trees. Spectator outfits change according to the weather and rest assure that they won’t be flattened like a certain title we know of.

The standard polygon count for a DriveClub car is 260,000. Anisotropic lighting is used to highlight every thread of carbon fiber in a given surface.

Finally take into account that DriveClub will be loading all of that and more in no more than 15 seconds. Yes, that’s the maximum load time Sony is claiming to be in the game at any given point.

To rummage through the entire 51 facts, head to the PlayStation Blog. DriveClub is scheduled for a release on October 21, 2014.

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