Twitch CrowdPlay App Allows Everyone to Host ‘Twitch Plays’ Channels

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

Earlier this year a Twitch user created a channel that would quickly bring into popularity a new way to enjoy streams. “Twitch Plays Pokemon” started with more than 100,000 viewers who tuned in daily to not only watch the classic Pokemon Red in action, but also to play it.

Viewers would input commands in the chat box that would translate into game commands. For example typing ‘Up’ in the chat would have the game character walk up.

The model got really popular and saw to the creation of other channels like “Twitch Plays Street Fighter” and even an original game called Choice Chamber.

Based upon the original “Twitch Plays” idea, a gaming startup Overwolf has developed an app called Twitch CrowdPlay that lets anyone host their very own “Twitch Plays” on Twitch.

Thanks to the Twitch CrowdPlay app, the average user does not need any knowledge of programming to get his channel to view the chat as actual game commands. Overwolf has made it very simple for anyone to host and run their own “Twitch Plays” game.

The app will officially launch this summer. The developer will demonstrate just how it will work with a play-through of Final Fantasy VI on Wednesday. You can watch and participate in the game on its Twitch channel at 11 a.m. EDT.

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