Sunset Overdrive Is Inspired From Movies Like I Am Legend and 28 Days Later

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

According to Sunset Overdrive Creative Director Marcus Smith, the game takes a lot of inspiration from post-apocalyptic movies like I Am Legend and 28 Days Later. Now you may wonder how that could be given how the game looks so bubbly and fun while the movies were dark and gloomy.

Well the answer to that is in the fun element of the movies. Remember how Will Smith relaxes in I Am Legend by playing golf or visiting the local video rental store?

This shows how one can have fun even when there seems to be no hope for the future.

Sunset Overdrive developers Insomniac Games felt that the dark and depressing tone set the theme was done too many times in all sorts of media and they wanted to do something different.

The developers considered the scenario as more of a new beginning rather than an end and that’s what you can see in the game instead of the feeling of just scraping by.

Well hats off to Insomniac for thinking this way, presenting the end of times in such a cheerful manner which has never been done before.

Sunset Overdrive is set in the cheery and colorful Sunset City and should be launching sometime later this year only on Xbox One.

Source: Examiner

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