Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.8 Receives Green Signal, May Go Live Tonight

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

Star Citizen is expected to be released to public sometime in 2015. However, updates are pouring in regularly for the testers. The update being talked about right now is the Star Citizen Arena Commander Build which, according to Robert Space Industries is a real thing now.

Starting off with the conventional ‘Greetings Citizens,’ the announcement post goes on to tell fans that the decision has been made regarding the future of Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.8 and that it is being uploaded.

More importantly, you will be able to get your hands on it by tonight! It also urges you to check out screenshots that they have assembled showing some of the heinous bugs that Cloud Imperium stumbled upon. Here is the post in full:

The go/no-go meeting has happened and the word is GO! Arena Commander V0.8 is currently being uploaded to our server partners. If all goes according to plan, the module should be available to play later tonight! There’s no need to keep reloading your Star Citizen Launcher: we will post here as soon as the download is available.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a quick gallery of what we call “body horror” screenshots collected by the team in Santa Monica over the past several months. These show off some of the more bizarre bugs we’ve run into during the game’s development. We expect you’ll find a lot more once you start helping us test Arena Commander… but hopefully these have all been eliminated!

I am sure you are interested in checking out the screenshots being talked about here, so why don’t you head to their website? Apart from reading up on the Star Citizen Arena Commander, the screenshots are pretty funny.

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