Razer Reveals Junglecat MFi Controller, Looks Like a Sliding Keypad

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

The Made For iPhone controller market had pretty much been dominated by SteelSeries Stratus since its launch earlier this year, although that’s not saying a lot since it didn’t really have much competition in the market.

Well that seems to be changing now after the announcement of Razer Junglecat MFi controller. Priced at $99.99, almost $20 expensive than Stratus, Junglecat looks more compact and connects to your phone like a sliding keypad.

The always connected controller does make your phone feel a bit bulky, but unlike other snap on controllers out there, it allows clear access to phone ports for connectivity.

The keypad on the controller is fully customizable with the iOS companion app which can also store up to 20 favorite controller layout profiles, much like the Razer Synapse for PC devices.

With the recent announcement of iOS8 and along with it, the support of Frostbite and Unreal Engine 4 games on Apple devices, MFi controllers are going to be pretty popular in the market now.

Razer took their time in building this one unlike SteelSeries who kind of rushed out with theirs at a time when there really weren’t a whole lot of titles supporting MFi controllers.

Well it seems the delay is going to pay off for Razer now that mobile gaming is becoming such a highlight and with the introduction of Metal in iOS8, gaming capabilities on iOS devices will increase and more MFi games will probably be launched.

Razer Junglecat is available in black color as well as white. There is no set release date for it yet but interested gamers can register here to be notified of its availability.

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