PS Vita Zombie Game Z-Run Ready For Release This Month

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

Publisher Beatshapers announced that its Playstation Vita game, Z-Run, is ready for release. It will launch in Europe first on June 18, 2014 and then in North America on June 24, 2014.

Initially, the game was set to release in 2013, but the publisher felt like it needed to stay in the shop. It has, since then, used its time to adjust a lot of the game’s appearance and general feel.

For instance, the interface has been adapted and a progression bar for levels is now more clearly visible at the top. As an endless runner, Z-Run needs as much clarity as it can get, since all the focus has to stay on the obstacles on-screen.

You may have guessed it, but the “Z” in the title stands for zombies; it’s always zombies. Therefore, this running title has you trying to escape the world post-outbreak.

In your path, you’ll find a lot of undead to mow down, which can have players rack up a combo meter that grants experience when completing an area. Experience is used to upgrade either a male or a female character with some enhancements, such as more health or stamina.

Z-Run has a different set of weapons that feature a degradation element as they are used. Melee items range from blunt objects to swords, while there are also some firearms available to disperse a horde.

If you get caught in a zombie’s trap, you’ll be prompted with a short melee sequence. You’ll need to shake off the enemy or lose health and losing all life means the game is over.

Finally, Z-Run allows characters to perform a sliding tackle to either get out of the way or burst through some enemies. That’s quite a bit of content, in all.

Additionally, Beatshapers is known to release their games for an extremely low price, so expect Z-Run to be easy on your wallet.

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