Legends of Persia Puts Ambitious Diablo Clone On Steam

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

Publisher Plug In Digital helped to release roleplaying game (RPG) Legends of Persia onto Steam this week. It’s available now for €17.99, which lasts until June 10, after which it will cost €19.99.

This release has all the markings of a Diablo-inspired clone. It’s an isometric perspective and features environments in different color themes for grass fields, deserts, mountain areas and creepy dungeons.

Legends of Persia includes three character classes for its fast-paced action, though it’s stated that could need to be unlocked throughout the game. There is also a detailed tutorial that serves as a selling point.

With a slew of items and over 200 weapons, the RPG also has its own crafting system. It may even implement a hunting and survival element.

Legends of Persia features mod support with a level editor for community-created content. There isn’t, however, Steam Workshop integration included right now, though that may still happen at a later date. On its store page, it mentions that the RPG will receive “many expansions” post-release.

Its production values may seem on the lower side, but from what we’ve seen, at least we like the swiftness of combat and the variety in enemy design. As Legends of Persia is an extremely low budget game, it does manage to at least use known RPG traits to its advantage.

Back in May of this year, this project was successfully funded on Kickstarter, where it asked as little as $3000 and didn’t receive much more than that either. For that kind of money, Legends of Persia does seem to put up the basics for an ambitious RPG.

There was a time where the slash genre of RPGs like Diablo was widely popular, before sort of drifting to the background. It looks like we’re heading back to that age, with releases like Van Helsing, Iesabel, Legends of Athereus or Grim Dawn.

And yes, Legends of Persia is a child of Steam Greenlight approvals.

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