FX Football Launches Manager Game Half-Price On Steam

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

Since the World Cup is approaching fast, themed games like FX Football, which just quietly launched on Steam, are looking at cashing in. This sports managing simulation game really wants to grab some attention, as it has transformed its banner into “FX Football – The Manager for Every Football Fan.”

Even more gripping to Steam users, the game launches at a surreal discount of 50%, until June 11, 2014. That’s right; if you pick this one up quickly, you’ll get the launch version at half price, for €9.99 and not its normal tag of €19.99.

FX Football looks like quite the comprehensive game with 3D matches, training grounds, sponsorship deals and a large stadium building segment. Additionally, it displays a stylish and clean interface, which should help out with playing the management element.

There are over 11,700 players available in its database. Furthermore, you can play the first and second division of the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

It’s gotten a few good notes from international press so far, with a 7.6 from the Spanish side of IGN. That outlet disliked the sound the most, which isn’t really all that essential.

FX Football looks a lot like an old classic: Ultimate Soccer Manager from Sierra On-Line.  We can tell you that a name like that is great to have, as the old-timey football manager has hooked many for countless hours.

Still, FX Football does have quite some competition in the ramp up to the World Cup. Things like PES Manager are out as well and offer their game for free, though with a monetization system.

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