First DS Game for Wii U Virtual Console Is Available Now

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

Wii U Virtual Console has received its first DS game and it is popular brain training game ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?’ or more commonly referred to as Brain Age.

Starting from today, the game will be available as a free download on the Wii U eShop in Japan until Jun. 30. Currently, there is no news of a Western release, but hopefully E3 will bring in some surprises.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata’s plans of bringing DS titles to Wii U’s Virtual Console were unveiled back in January 2014, but the company didn’t divulge any particular games or possible release dates.

We are now sure that we can solve the technical problem of displaying Virtual Console software from Nintendo DS on the GamePad. The dual-screen Nintendo DS, one of which is a touch screen, has a very strong software lineup, and so we plan to add the Virtual Console titles from Nintendo DS software to the future Virtual Console lineup for Wii U.

Speaking of Brain Age, the game was released back in 2005 in Japan and in the West a year later, in 2006. Despite of this, it managed to sell 19 million copies worldwide.

Featuring a plethora of training puzzles, math problems, Sudoku, and quick time puzzles, the game is mostly played using the stylus or voice-commands.

It is reported that with titles like Pokémon Rumble U and Brain Age, Nintendo is planning to improve the utilization of not-so-welcomed Wii U Gamepad.

What other DS titles would you like to see make it to Wii U’s Virtual Console? Let us know!

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