A Compilation of Recently Shared Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots

By   /   Jun 4, 2014

It’s almost rhetoric now, we know there is still time in the release of the game but BioWare doesn’t want us to sit idle so it keeps sharing new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots in ones or twos every now and then. So we thought of putting together an album of all the screenshots that they have shared in the recent days.

Most of these are from the recently shared fictional letters and transcripts that talk about the lore of the game and try to get us acquainted with the universe of Inquisition. And we know that the list is not comprehensive. So if you find something else that we have missed out, do let us know so that we can have all the screenshots here in one place.

That being said, the Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots given below showcase some of the iconic locations that are to be featured in the game. Some of the notable ones are The Fade, The Winter Palace, Therinfal Redoubt and Western Approach.

We shared details about these locations in previous posts based on the information that the series of letters in question has provided us. You may go ahead and read up on them yourself.

Dragon Age Inquisition is slated for a release on October 7 this year on PC PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

I would really want to spend a lot of time in The Winter Palace. Which of the locations shown in the Dragon Age Inquisition screenshots did you like the most?

Source: PCGamer

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