Xenoblade Wii U Listed on Multiple Retailers, HD Remake?

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

If you don’t know about Xenoblade Chronicles, you should find out. While if you do know about it you will be pretty siked to know that a listing for a Wii U version has appeared on multiple retailers for the game.

There is a listing on the Best Buy that clearly mentions Xenoblade for Wii U platform. By digging a bit deeper, I stumbled upon another listing for the same game on Walmart too!

The original game was released back in June 2010 as Xenoblade in Japan while it got released in North America as Xenoblade Chronicles in April 2012.

What could this listing be about? Your guess is as good as mine, but maybe it is a placeholder for ‘X,’ the upcoming JRPG that is supposed to be created in the same universe of Xeno. However, it could also be an HD remake of the original game from 2010.

I don’t think that Monolith Soft would want retailers to have placeholders for games that have a totally different name, and it only makes sense that if folks like Walmart are using the name Xenoblade, it actually has something to do with the old game.

The fact that Wii U is backward compatible also raises more speculations though. So we can’t strike out the possibility of getting just a port of the previous game, even if we wanted to.

However, it just makes more sense if they are talking about an HD remake of the game for Wii U.

In the end, this is all speculative and based on just two listings of a game (nothing official) so I suggest we try and manage our expectations rationally and wait for Nintendo or Monolith Soft to clear things up.

Until then, let us know if you are up for some Xenoblade on Wii U?

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