World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Delivers Soviet Steel

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

This is pretty much a constant, but publisher Wargaming has once more updated their free-to-play title World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. This time, the Russian side gets all the attention with the Soviet Steel additions.

First up, the free update gets a lot of content in the form of tanks; so many tanks. We’ll give you the list for over 25 new vehicles, which come in several categories, arranged below:

Light Tanks

  • MS-1 (tier I)
  • T-26 (tier II)
  • BT-2 (tier II)
  • T-46 (tier III)
  • BT-7 (tier III)
  • A-20 (tier IV)
  • T-50 (tier IV)

Medium Tanks

  • T-28 (tier IV)
  • T-34 (tier V)
  • T-34-85 (tier VI)
  • T-43 (tier VII)
  • T-44 (tier VIII)
  • T-54 (tier IX)
  • T-62A (tier X)

Heavy Tanks

  • KV-1 (tier V)
  • KV-1S (tier VI)
  • IS (tier VII)
  • IS-3 (tier VIII)
  • IS-8 (tier IX)
  • IS-7 (tier X)

Tank Destroyers

  • AT-1 (tier II)
  • SU-76 (tier III)
  • SU-85B (tier IV)
  • SU-85 (tier V)
  • SU-100 (tier VI)
  • SU-152 (tier VII)
  • ISU-152 (tier VIII)
  • Object 704 (tier IX)
  • Object 268 (tier X)

That should keep players of this massively multiplayer online (MMO) game going for a while. If you get bored, however, the Soviet Steel update for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition also comes with two locations, instead of one, this time.

In the Ernsk area, you’ll mostly be dealing with close proximity combat in an urban environment with lots of old buildings and fewer open spaces. For long range battles, you’ll be able to turn to Komarin and its more rural area, though it has a few buildings of its own.

As always, remember that World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is only free in theory. As this runs on an Xbox 360, participants require an additional paid subscription to Xbox Live Gold in order to play. Wargaming has spoken out about this necessity on prior occasion, as they’re a big supporter for free games.

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