The Keep Makes Real-Time Dungeon Crawl Combat Look Great On 3DS

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

Prolific Czech developer Cinemax, which shares a name with another company oddly enough, has announced their next project, titled simply as The Keep. It marks the company’s return to Nintendo on 3DS, after dedicating some time to other platforms.

Handheld owners will be treated to another first-person dungeon crawler in the traditional square style, which has been on a bit of a revival on mobile devices lately. Dungeons are made up of simple textures, but it does look like The Keep will build a lot of content within its world.

First off, we get to take a ride in a mine cart, so that sets off the mood nicely. Then, we’re presented with the esoteric puzzle elements that the genre usually has, which should have some scratch their noggin.

What we’re the most impressed with is just how amazing combat looks already. Instead of a static approach like its dungeon crawling peers, The Keep will opt for real-time combat with smooth character animations and diverse models.

Moreover, touch screen input will be used to determine a successful attack, by swiping either across or overhead for different effects. There’s also a rune combination element, which works like a match-3 mechanism, to produce spells of various kinds.

With the real-time combat, The Keep can modify area of effect spells to work on the grid itself, in a 360 degree radius, instead of a regular line. It also looks like the menu on the touchscreen hides a lot more content for customization and so on, so count us in!

Seriously, The Keep looks pretty swanky on 3DS. Previously, Cinemax showed off their knowledge for traditional roleplaying games (RPGs) with the PC release Inquisitor, which stems from the roots of Baldur’s Gate.

Are you looking forward to a new RPG adventure on your 3DS? Let us know in the comments.

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