PlayStation 4 Update 1.71 Releasing Very Soon

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

Sony has announced that it will be releasing new system update 1.71 for the PlayStation 4 very soon to enhance the stability of the software and add exciting new features.

The announcement was made on PlayStation’s official twitter account:

People have been waiting anxiously for the next update to see what Sony will be bringing to the table in terms of features.

PlayStation 4 received update 1.70 almost a month ago that came with the most-requested features like SHAREFactory, which is an app that lets you customize your recorded gameplay videos as you can add music, commentary, special effects and so much more.

It also allowed the players disable HDCP so that they can record as much content as they want and upload it on their favorite streaming channels.

Moreover, new friends’ option was added so that it is easier for users to find their mutual friends. It will be very interesting to see what new features Sony will bring on to PlayStation 4 in the next update.

Meanwhile, E3 is coming up in less than a week so Sony must be focused on showcasing their big titles.

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