Game Jam Idea ‘Inside My Radio’ Will Become A Full Game

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

Independent developer Seaven Studio announced their new-ish project, titled Inside My Radio. It is, in fact, a repurposed game prototype that made some heads turn during a game jam event.

Inside My Radio is a rhythmical platform game, where the twist is that the character, represented by a glowing green block, can only move to the beat of the current track. Environments are directly linked to the different channels of a song, moving around platforms and obstacles according to a particular instrument.

Each of the neon 2D levels will have their own musical theme, which should make gameplay vary, as several electronic genres have a different sequence. As a kicker, the player character adds its own beats to the song, which is also something Rayman Origins does for its platform title.

Originally, Inside My Radio was a project from TurboDindon, who manufactured the project for Ludum Dare 23. There, it went on to not only win an Audio prize, but the coveted Overall category in Jam entries as well.

TurboDindon isn’t a part of Seaven Studio, but the company and the game are intertwined. Both parties know each other from their days at developer Hydravision and sound artist Joachim Neuville is also responsible for the audio in Seaven’s previous release, Ethan: Meteor Hunter.

Let this be yet another example as to why you should be paying attention to major game jam events. They’re currently all the rage, going as far as trying to get onto big Youtube platforms.

Game jams are also currently producing a lot of full game releases. Think of it like a sort of test chamber to see how an idea, like that for Inside My Radio, is received before heading forward with a prototype.

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