Infinity Blade 2 Is Free To Download For Limited Time

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

One of the most famous iOS title ‘Infinity Blade 2 is now available for free on iTunes, courtesy of the update that was released last Thursday.

Infinity Blade 2 was released back in 2011 for iOS devices, and it gained huge popularity due to its incredible gameplay and graphics.

The game is an action RPG developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games. It has been powered by Unreal Engine 3, which makes it look fantastic as compared to other games in the market.

In Infinity Blade 2, you follow a fairly linear route to get through the game’s world, but players are also given a choice to explore certain paths that lead to unique locations.

Combat is based on sword fights against the enemies that you come across in your journey. You control the weapon or weapons by swiping your finger on your device’s screen, and you have to dodge the enemy’s attack as well to stay alive.

Furthermore, you have two available special abilities, which have to be recharged every time they are used. One of them is super attack, which stuns your enemy for a moment, while the other is use of magic that inflicts different damage depending upon the spell.

This is a limited time offer so get your hands on Infinity Blade 2 on iTunes before the time runs out.

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