Ex-Irrational Employees Reveal Their First Indie Project, Black Glove

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

Fans are still reeling over the shutdown of Irrational Games this February. The studio was best known for the phenomenal Bioshock series.

While some of the employees went on to work for companies like Turbine or Blizzard, not everyone was so lucky and among those was Bioshock Infinite writer Joe Fielder.

Now it turns out that Joe and a few other designers from Irrational have banded together and formed an indie studio called Day for Night Games. The studio revealed its first project Black Glove, a “surreal” first person game, today.

Black Glove takes place in The Equinox, a place where the player is unsure whether the things that exist and happen are inside their mind, an alternate dimension or are actually real.

The studio had been teasing the game through their twitter account for a few days with a series of bizarre images designed by Robb Waters. Robb is famous for his creations such as Garret from Thief and Songbird from Bioshock Infinite.

Players will control a character whose goal is to improve the works of an artist, filmmaker, and musician in the present by altering the past.

“If we do our jobs correctly, it’ll be unlike anything anyone’s played before,” Fielder said.

The game mechanics are still being kept under wraps, like the ability to change the past. The studio is also planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in July where they will also reveal more information about the game.

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