Cute Scary Game Haunt The House Gets On Steam This Week

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

Independent developer SFB Games has announced that their game, Haunt the House, is ready to be put on Steam on June 6, 2014. It was previously approved on Steam Greenlight in just a few weeks.

Objectives in Haunt the House are as simple as they are entertaining. One of the only goals, really, is to scare a happy, bustling town full of people in any way possible.

Players take control of a little spirit that can possess a whole array of environmental objects. Depending on the item, these things then become possessed and react a certain way, making any onlookers noticeably uncomfortable.

By scaring people enough times, they’ll eventually freak out and leave the 2D area one way or another. People as well as objects have their own flair, leaving a lot of interpretation possible on how to get the best possible scares.

Haunt the House sports some charmingly cute visuals with smooth drawings and soothing color shading. It sort of has a Theatrhythm vibe going, which is a tremendously stylish link to have.

SFB Games are well-known illustrators, after all. Their initials stand for “Super Flash Bros,” who gained fame for their animations prior to the rise of YouTube.

Their artist connections allowed them to send the game to popular YouTube channel Game Grumps where it was featured on Steam Train. Its video is currently well above 300,000 views.

Haunt the House also isn’t the only collaboration with Game Grumps. Another of their self-published releases, Detective Grimoire, features voice work from Arin Hanson, also known as Egoraptor.

Haunt the House will launch on Steam for just $3.99.

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