Bioware Builds Dragon Age: Inquisition Hype With Mysterious Letters

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on October 7, four months from now. To build anticipation for the game, BioWare has been educating us about Dragon Age: Inquisition locations.

In the past couple of days, they have been sharing details via certain transcripts and fictional letters that have been posted to the official website.

Although there is a lot to read up in them, we have picked up some of the most interesting parts and collected them here. The most recent location that they talked about is Hinterlands.

It is a letter written to Lord Arl Teagan by Dennet. He explains how the quiet and beautiful hills of Hinterlands have been turned into a battlefield by the war between Mages and Templars.

There have been people walking dead and Blight that shoed away nicer people of the village and now it’s all in ruins as the Templars rule.

More farmsteads and villages are being attacked and looted by both sides and help is needed.

A little back in time there is this transcript on the website that details Therinfal Redoubt. It is from ‘Notable Fortresses, Castles, Towers, and Other Edifices of Interest in Ferelden by Henry Lannon.’

The place is a castle and not a city. There is no distraction due to the city life and the Seekers can train in peace. It is a place where young students are inducted and taught.

The Lord Seeker Alderai is telling the students that you should not complain about having to stay aloof of the life outside because this place is there to teach patience.

It also tells that the time being talked about here is Storm 7:70 wheres Therinfall Redoubt was used as a training ground until 8:99 Blessed.

Next, Lady Seeker Alandra Vael talks about The Breach in another transcript. Piercing the Veil is not a simple phenomenon. It exists everywhere, but not in a physical form and it could be torn anywhere at any time, she says.

She explains how small rifts can be fixed but it is the larger ones that you need to worry about.

Talking about the Veil being torn off, she says ‘such a “breach” would threaten our entire world, turning concerns about occasional demonic intrusion into a charming anecdote compared to the monsters we would then face.’

Talking of the Fade, another transcript tells how Tavinter Imperium tried to map the terrain of the Fade at the cost of gold and human slaves but failed ultimately. It says the Fade is in constant flux where as ever shifting realms were found by Imperium and he catalogued a couple of hundred types of spirits. It also talks about the ccreations inside the Fade, the lack of imagination of its dwellers ad how they build their realms.

There is a lot more to know about the game in these letters, and I suggest that you visit the official website and read up on other features of Dragon Age: Inquisition locations yourself.

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