Battlefield 4: Today’s Patch Improves Netcode

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

DICE has been facing issues with Battlefield 4’s online multiplayer experience since the game was released last year in November. While the developer blatantly denied at one point that the issue of netcode is placebo at best, it didn’t take into account the many players venting their anger on the forums concerning sheer lag and delay on whichever server they would join.

DICE has tried to amend this with multiple patches and even changed its server infrastructure; but so far it has had little success. Another patch is scheduled for release later today on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 that’s designed to bring more general networking tweaks, amongst other improvements. The said patch will roll out later this week on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The patch features a new “High Frequency Network Update” that updates data within a certain radius of the player at a faster rate. According to the developer, this will give a “smoother, more ‘correct’ player experience”.

After updating their game, players can enable the new high frequency setting in the options menu. Those boasting a faster connection can set the option to high, while those with a lower bandwidth connection will be able to reduce the setting to Low or Medium.

“This is the first release to contain CTE-tested ‘Netcode’ fixes and improvements,” said DICE. “We are still hard at work with additional improvements and tweaks to better our network experience that did not make this release.”

Keep a wary eye out for future patches that will attempt to address the same issue.

Source Battlelog

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