The Witness Redesigning Its Starting Area For E3 2014

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

The Witness is getting an overhauling just days before its showcasing at E3 2014.

Posting on its official blog, creator Jonathan Blow, better known as the developer of the award-winning game Braid, revealed that the team has decided to redo the entire starting area of the game.

The Witness is supposed to be presented at E3 in the form of a playable demo. With just a week remaining, that playable area has been destroyed and is now being remade with improvements.

That’s quite a challenge to take on in such a limited time. If the team fails on completing its goals, The Witness may very well end up presenting itself in the form of a broken demo.

According to the post though, Blow is pretty confident that the area will be fully rebuilt by June 6th. He also revealed that the current puzzle count in the game has reached 627.

The Witness is a mystery-puzzle indie title where the player wakes up in a mysterious house with no prior memories. Heading outside, you’ll discover yourself to be on a strange island that is filled with puzzles and audio recordings that have been left behind by someone who seems to be well informed on the island.

There has been no official release date mentioned for the game yet, except for a Q2 2014 time-frame.

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