Wii U Older Family Bundles Discontinued in Japan

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

According to the report from official Nintendo Hardware page, some of older bundles of Wii U including Black consoles are being discontinued from Japanese markets.

Popular Wii U family bundles like Super Mario Bros. U, Dragon Quest X, Monster Hunter 3GL HD Version and Wii Party U will be the last ones available in the market until they are sold out.

Moreover, Nintendo is changing the priority for manufacturing Wii U in different regions. White model Wii U due to its high demand in Japan will be made available only in white color, while the black versions will be completely discontinued.

This is a great move from Nintendo if you look at it from a logistical perspective. Also, the consumers demand is taken into consideration before making this decision, so it works out really well for both company and customers.

However, there will be some fans who will be disappointed to not get their favorite color console.

Recently, Mario Kart 8 got released for Wii U and considering its popularity, it should help Nintendo get back in to the game. However, lack of worthy third party titles have been a letdown for the console from start.

We will see how this move impacts the overall sales of Nintendo Wii U in near future.

Source: Nintendo

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