Unreal Tournament 3 Patch Will Keep it Alive Even After GameSpy Shutdown

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

The ending of GameSpy might have put an end to many of the games’ multiplayer but Unreal Tournament 3 is not one of them. The developer Epic Games has released a patch that will make the game playable even though GameSpy has shut down.

The official website of Epic Games received a post from the developers announcing that people need not to worry about GameSpy shutting down this week:

“As you may have heard, Gamespy is shutting down this weekend. We want to be sure you’re still able to play Unreal Tournament 3 Multiplayer. Thanks to community member Shambler, we have a patch that will allow you to continue playing. We also want to thank all of the server admins and other community members who have helped test the patch to be sure it’s ready to go. (We’re looking at you Bubbaxm2, the nOx guys and Hedsteem!)”

Moreover, a thread has been made at the official forums by the developers, you can go there if there are any technical queries that you need answers for.

That being said, the patch is actually going to replace the reliance on GameSpy with the Epic games server bank where the Unreal Tournament 3 master server has been moved along with those of Unreal Tournament 12004 and Unreal Tournament 99.

There is a lot of technical information available including the process of getting the patch ready to go on your installation so we suggest that you go ahead and read up on it right from the source.

How many of you still have strong bonds with Unreal Tournament 3?

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