Ryse: Son of Rome Morituri Pack DLC Adds New Maps, Easter Eggs Hints

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

Cut them, slash them and tear them apart with that sword of yours. Did you like being in the shoes of an ancient roman warrior in Ryse?

If you did, you are in for a lot more of the fun. Ryse: Son of Rome Morituri Pack DLC has been released. What’s more, they will let Gladiators do all the fighting wearing an all-new armor of Oswald, the King of the Britons!

According to a post made on the Xbox Wire, both the Gladiator and Survival modes will get three and two new arenas respectively.

For Gladiator mode, the new arenas are Beacon, False Gods and Revolution. While the additions to Survival mode are titled Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest – the last one reminded me of Harry Potter.

Here’s what each one of those new maps will focus on:

Beacon tasks players with infiltrating a barbarian camp, False Gods has gladiators battling in Ancient Egyptian temples, and Revolution is set amid the crumbling ruins of the once majestic Roman Empire. In Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest, navigate an onslaught of perilous traps as you battle against insurmountable odds until the bitter end.

Moreover, if you are one for going in solo, Beacon, Revolution, False Gods, Market and Garden have been optimized for the Solo Mode by the Ryse: Son of Rome Morituri Pack DLC.

Lastly, five Easter Eggs have been found in the game so far but four more are remaining. The Xbox Wire in question has also given hints as to how you can find them. People who get them first will be acknowledged by Major Nelson.

Are you excited about the Ryse: Son of Rome Morituri Pack DLC?

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