PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Official Website And Artwork Released

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

Unreal Engine 4 based PS4 exclusive Without Memory finally gets its own website. While the site is currently in Russian, developers Dinosaurum Games will be releasing an English version pretty soon.

The game, categorized as a “third-person person interactive thriller” is inspired from Quantic Dream titles such as Heavy Rain. The developers have also released a lot of new artwork showing some characters and locations in the game.

The game will not have any multiplayer mode and according to the developers, it entered active development phase a week ago to meet its release window of Q2 2016.

Without Memory will involve world exploration, quick time events, branching dialogues and stealth missions. All of these will determine the outcome of the plot resulting in multiple endings.

Game visuals are reported to be photorealistic as the studio is working on motion capture with 50 Vicon cameras (Quantic Dream uses 64 of those).

The game will involve the extensive use of DualShock 4 while players control the protagonist Anna, a girl with no memories, through the game world helping her solve puzzles and side quests.

First screenshots of the game will be released sometime in summer while a teaser trailer is set to debut during GDC Europe in August.

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