Original Metal Gear Getting A Remake

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

First ever Metal Gear title that was released way back in 1987 is going to get a remake courtesy of the modders.

The group of independent modders “Outdoor Heaven” contacted Konami to make sure company is fine with remaking its product.

Konami approved the group’s request on a condition that the remake would be available for absolutely free. However, the company stopped modders from using any copyrighted stuff for marketing purposes.

In the original Metal Gear game, you are put in shoes off Solid Snake who is tasked to find a titular super weapon “Metal Gear,” which is actually a tank that has the ability launch nuclear missiles anywhere around the world.

The game gained huge popularity due to its stealth elements as Solid Snake had to pass through multiple locations while avoiding any visual skirmish with any of the guards on duty.

If you were discovered; the next thing, you had to do was to find a place where you can hide really well, and the guards would be unable to find you, but that process could differ depending upon the way you were discovered.

Outdoor Heaven is currently looking for developers who can work on the game so there is no chance of release anytime soon, but it is amazing future title to keep an eye on.

Would you like to play the remake of Metal Gear?

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