Homefront: The Revolution is an Emotional, Intense Fight for Homeland

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

It is not just any game. Homefront: The Revolution is going to be much larger than that. If you have seen the announcement trailer, you would see the tension between the enemy and the folks from the heartland. Even as that bloke is asked to show what he is carrying, the viewer can sense a deep rooted context.

And, then there were those flyers urging the people of the United States to rise up for their own selves.

That was the emotional element of the game. It puts on the stress needed for a good game to have its effect on the player. Then there are other elements like the type of combat and the type of universe.

You are on the team that has been occupied and is under duress. So the natural mode of combat would be guerilla warfare. There won’t be head to head clashes, you are the resistance and it is a universal fact that resistances ought to take the unconventional routes.

Talking of the elements from the game; we know it is an open world, and so the protagonist i.e. the leader of the resistance is going to have to make the choices. You will choose whether you want a bloody revolution and go in guns ablaze, or choose the silent path.

There are going to be modifications and customizations to the guns without having to go to the workshop which is a good feature. What I am looking out for specifically, are abilities like detonating a remote control bomb, or a car.

You will have it all laid down in front of you, establish bases, find revolutionaries, join ranks, save people from being maltreated (or maybe not).

The setting of the game is in the year 2029 in the city of Philadelphia, and so there will be futuristic technology. Sadly, your resistance is in shambles so it is just the enemy that will have all the gravy. You build from leftovers, scrapes and everything else that you can get your hands on.

All in all, Homefront: The Revolution has a pretty deep rooted story and if the developer can continue to make the right choices with it, they will surely have a winner.

I think the success of Homefront: The Revolution depends on the story that it follows, what do you think?

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