Homefront: The Revolution Announced With Trailer, Think Open World, Co-op Shooter

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

Looks like there was more truth to the rumors than we expected; Homefront: The Revolution is real and has been officially announced.

Apparently, Crytek decided to let go off the hushing and silencing that was nearly broken by a leak of the game’s box-art that we reported hours ago.

Now, we know for sure that United States really is under the North Korean attack, and it really is up to you to save the day.

The announcement has come along with an official trailer that shows a really, really doomed future of the US at the hands of the high tech North Koreans. It’s ruthless and almost at the edge of resilience at the part of the Americans.

A revolution is needed. Here’s what the description of the trailer says:

Continuing four years after the events featured in THQ’s 2011 shooter, Homefront: The Revolution from developer Crytek UK features open-world guerrilla combat on the streets of Philadelphia.

The game is being co-published by Deep Silver and Crytek, and it will be making its way to PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2015.

Yes, did you notice that? They skipped Xbox 360 and PS3 both. I am looking forward to seeing a purely next-gen quality work, but at the same time I feel the need to ask you, do you think it is going to piss off too many Xbox 360 and PS3 users?

Regardless, do let us know how excited you are about Homefront: The Revolution in the comments below!

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