Fable Anniversary Heading to PC

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

A teaser video released earlier by Lionhead Studios suggests that the company is looking forward to bringing Fable Anniversary on the PC.

The re-mastered version of the first Fable game features new lighting, HD textures and all the improvements which you can expect from a re-mastered title.

In fact the game has already been released on the Xbox 360 earlier this year and it’s looking stunning. I doubt anyone was expecting such a fabulous transition.

Fans of the series have been pestering the studio for some time now for a PC release and it’s great to see Lionhead respond.

The trailer though does not mention a release date. With E3 in bound in just a week, I figure Lionhead is holding on to that announcement for just that.

Additionally the company probably has a lot of more news that they are looking forward to sharing regarding the game. Perhaps some exclusive PC features? One can dream right?.

The trailer showcases the various requests of getting the game on PC and then concludes by showing a user named HeroOfOakvale starting the game up on Steam.

The last part probably confirms that it will released via the Steam platform.

Besides Fable Anniversary, the original Fable, Fable and Fable 3 are also available on PC. However, with Games for Windows Live being shut down, Fable 3 might become useless unless it is shifted to an alternative service.

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