EA Sports, NCAA Athletes Reach Settlement of $40 Million

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

According to ESPN, EA Sports has reached to an agreement in a case with college football players that involved likeness of athletes.

The settlement was finalized on Friday in Oakland at $40 Million.

The settlement includes the fee of attorney as well as compensation that NCAA players will receive, who have been appearing in EA Sports college college football since 2003.

In order to receive money of settlement, the players will have to get registered and they will be paid according to the number of appearances that they made in video games.

Co-Lead counsel for plaintiffs Steve Berman stated:

We’re incredibly pleased with the results of this settlement and the opportunity to right a huge wrong enacted by the NCAA and EA against these players and their rights of publicity.

We’ve fought against intense legal hurdles since filing this case in 2009 and to see this case come to fruition is a certain victory.

The settlement is almost final as it only requires approval from Claudia Wilken, who is the court judge of U.S. district.

NCAA Football 14 was the last college football game developed by EA.

Source: ESPN

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