Driveclub to Adopt Different Methods to Reduce Rage Quitting

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

When I think of a game, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I have to beat the crap out of the other cars and get as much miles between them and myself as I can – being ahead of the pack. That last part is generally what most of the game is about for many of us.

However, driving a car in the real life isn’t just about beating everyone else, and when you are in a game pumping adrenaline into your veins, it is easy to get tangled with the wish to prevail outright. That isn’t the case most of times is it?

The result is that even the slightest of our mistakes put us behind the pack and we end up quitting the game. We do that a couple of times in the same race and eventually we are infuriated.

Now a game is about having fun, not being profane about how the car (or the track) is a bitch. From this, I conclude that although winning a race is and should be the prime focus of the gamers; it should be the one thing they play for.

Apparently, Evolution Studios has got that part right.

Driveclub is going to feature a lot more to do than to win the game alone. For instance, it will have small challenges while you are inside a race. You might be asked to maintain a specific speed, master a tricky drift or follow a specific track line.

All of these small challenges will get you extra credits. This makes Driveclub more fun as it is not an ‘all-or-nothing’ deal.

Quitting a game will make you lose all that you have gained from the race and also turn you into a lost cause for your club as you won’t be earning anything. So, you better watch out for those rage-quitting moments.

Fair deal, right?

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