Dota 2 – iG wins WPC-Ace, The Summit Preview

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

One of the biggest tournaments of the year, just a few weeks before The International 4, the World Professional Classic League has come to an end.

The tournament had a prizepool of around $250.000 and it was played in the Shanghai E-Sports Competitive Center in China. The qualified teams playing were: iG, DK, Newbee, VG, Alliance, Cloud9, Titan and DT Club (All TI4 invited teams except for DT who managed to edge out LGD in the Eastern Qualifier).

The Grand Finals was a best of 7 match between Team DK and iG in which the latter won by an impressive 4-1. Prize allocation is the following:

  • 1st place $163000 – Invictus Gaming
  • 2nd place $49000 – Team DK
  • 3rd place $16000 – NewBee
  • 4th place $8000 – Alliance
  • 5th – 8th place $4000 – VG, Titan, Cloud9 and DT

All the games can be watched with English commentary in this playlist by the Beyond The Summit studio. (don’t be fooled by the pokemon outfits in the first video, their casting is serious business)

Speaking of BTS, they will be hosting their own tournament from their very own studio called The Summit! Six of the world’s top teams will be playing inside their studio in Los Angeles, California USA with a prizepool of over $80.000!

The 2 invited teams are Team DK and Na’Vi. The remaining teams teams were decided through qualifiers.

From the American qualifiers there were 2 slots available for grabs, unfortunately Cloud9 had to forfeit their slot (because of visa issues with one of their players Bone7), so Evil Geniuses and North American Rejects qualified. There was one more slot for both Europe and Asia Qualifiers, out of which respectively qualified Fnatic and VG .

This awesome tournament will begin in the 5th of June and it will feature not only Dota 2 games but all kinds of madness with the BTS crew and the players such as a Barbecue, a Pool Party, a Ping Pong Tournament and lots more so be sure to watch all the action in the Beyond The Summit TwitchTV channel!

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