Dark Souls 2 Getting A Calibration Patch To Adjust Stats

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

From Software will be releasing a new update for Dark Souls 2, designed for calibration purposes. The Calibration 1.06 patch will be released today and alters stats such as weapon and spell damage.

The Changelog notes are somewhat confusing (but then again, the whole Souls series is confusing to me) and while they mention the stats which have been altered, they do not mention whether they have been nerfed or buffed.

Some of the changes in the Calibration patch are listed below:

  • ‘Bad Staff’ only deals poison damage during close combat and not when spells are used
  • Damage amount of ‘Great Resonant Soul’ spell is adjusted
  • Dual Wield attacking motion of Greataxe category weapons is adjusted
  • Balance of weapon enchant by spell is adjusted
  • Motion, damage amount and balance of ‘Syan’s Halberd’ is adjusted
  • Motion of Thrusting Sword category is adjusted

There is no mention of the weapon durability bug on PC or a fix for the ability to fly through the map at great speed. But since those bugs are PC exclusive, it’s possible they will be fixed in a later update designed specifically for PC.

The patch is expected to go live at 5pm today, although the in game message or Beyond the Bonfire site doesn’t mention the time zone according to which it will be implemented.

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