Battlefield: Hardline Singleplayer and Multiplayer Development Lead By Visceral Games

By   /   Jun 2, 2014

Since the announcement of Battlefield: Hardline, many fans have been worrying that work on Hardline may distract DICE from improving Battlefield 4.

However, General Manager of Visceral Games Steve Papoutsis has removed all the ambiguity by confirming that Visceral is leading the development on both single player and multiplayer aspects of Battlefield: Hardline with the collaboration of DICE.

Battlefield: Hardline is the primary project of Visceral Games and we will see the game in action at upcoming E3 event, which studio claims will be “the real deal”.

The game will pit robbers against cops, where robbers will try to escape the crime scene without being caught by police, whereas police will do everything, they can in order to take robbers down.

Visceral Games is known for its great single player work on Dead Space Trilogy, and it will try to incorporate same single player elements to Battlefield: Hardline as well.

The idea behind Battlefield: Hardline is intriguing, and we will see how the game is shaping up at E3, alongside five other titles that EA will be showcasing at the event.

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