WildStar Early-Access Launch Suffers DDoS Attacks

By   /   Jun 1, 2014

WildStar launched today for those who had pre-ordered the game to gain early-access to NCsoft’s new MMO. However, the expectations of entering into a new colorful world days before everyone else and enjoying its content was short lived.

Right after the game launched, WildStar started suffering server issues that at first resulted in monstrous in-game lag. It then soon locked out players who were now forced to wait out in login queues for the servers to be revived. Most though just ended up with server timeout messages.

According to the developers, this had little to do with the servers and was in fact a severe DDoS attack. Executive producer Jeremy Gaffney posted on Reddit, “I’ve heard from a few folks it’s a confirmed DDOS attack (real time updates, may change, fog of war, etc.). Partially handled. Servers taking in some players now, player counts rising. Ninjitsu continues.”

At the moment the servers are said to be up again and players are reported to be joining back in.

As it is with almost every MMO these days, the initial launch is always the worst one. Be it DDoS attacks, over population, bad server infrastructure, bugs or the like. In the case of WildStar, the developers will hopefully be plotting out a plan to protect themselves from such attacks in the future.

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