Watch Dogs PC Stability Patch in The Works

By   /   Jun 1, 2014

Ubisoft has stated that its team is working on a new patch for the PC version that will hopefully bring more stability to Watch Dogs and solve most of its graphics issues.

Sebastien Viard, technical director on the game, took to Twitter earlier today to explain just why Watch Dogs is giving problems on the PC. The game so forth has been reported by consumers to be stuttering badly on the PC.

“Watch Dogs can use 3+ GB of RAM on [next-gen] consoles for graphics,” wrote Viard. “Your PC GPU needs enough VRAM for ultra options due to the lack of unified memory.”

Now that statement is really interesting. A couple of days ago Digital Foundry posted a ‘Face-Off’ of Watch Dogs between the PC and consoles versions. According to their findings, the problem of stutter does not lie in the memory.

Here’s what Digital Foundry posted: “It’s not a RAM issue based on our testing – we replaced a 3GB GTX 780 Ti with a 6GB GTX Titan, producing the exact same result [Stuttering].”

Until the new patch is released Viard has advised everyone to lower either texture quality, AA, or resolution if they are facing lag/stutter on a fast PC.

Ubisoft has a long history of having troubles with PC versions of their titles which mostly come down to badly optimized games. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was the last title in their basket that was launched with a promise of excellence on the Windows platform. It however had its own share of issues, specifically with AMD users.

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