World of Tanks Xbox 360 Retail Version Coming This August

Wargaming’s World of Tanks MMO made quite a name for itself since its release on PC, then it was released on Xbox 360 (arcade title) earlier this year and now, the developer has announced that it will be releasing the retail version of the popular title for Xbox 360 this August.

The retail version will include 1500 gold, 200,000 silver and premium vehicles. In addition, you will get a pass for three days to enjoy the premium account services, which gives you 50% boost for silver and XP points.

In the game, players are given choice to select World War II armored vehicles and take them into the battle against the enemies. As in other games of the same genre, you will get XP points upon destroying enemy vehicles and for victories.

There are total of six game modes in the game – random battles, team training battles, tank company battles, historical battles, clan battles and team battles, with each mode providing a unique experience to the players.

Tanks in the game belong to seven nations: Soviet, American, British, Chinese, French, Japanese and German.

The community of World of tanks is increasing with time and retail version will surely help many consumers get their hands on the game as well.

World of Tanks retail version will arrive this August at the price of $19.99.