New Titanfall Content To Be Unveiled At E3

There is no question about the popularity of Titanfall as sales figure from last three months alone show its dominance in entertainment software.

Knowing that, EA and Respawn have decided to unveil new content of the game at E3 press conference, which most probably would be a look at second DLC of the game.

After Titanfall’s launch, developer promised that it will be releasing three DLC packs for the game and delivering on that promise, first DLC pack “Expedition” was released on 15th of May for $9.99.

Titanfall features 6v6 matches, in which you take the role of Pilots, who are extremely agile soldiers and can climb up on the tall buildings with an absolute ease.

During the match, you will get to call your Titan, which is an extremely powerful Mech and can change the tide of the match in your favor in very short time.

The game does not feature any single player content though, even the campaign has to be played like multiplayer, which adds some story elements here and there.

Titanfall received an amazing reception from critics and fans upon its launch and is considered to be one of the best games of 2014.

EA is going to show six new titles at this year’s E3 alongside Titanfall’s gameplay, which makes their conference a must watch for the fans.